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Appeal against the decision of the ATHENS Postal Savings Bank 9.84

Deputy Supreme Court Prosecutor Zacharias Kokkinakis overturned the decision on the Postal Savings Bank case, on the basis of which the criminal prosecution of all those accused of the crimes of infidelity and money laundering money had ceased.

As a result of this action, the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court will be introduced, which will decide whether to overturn the party’s decision regarding infidelity as a basic crime and therefore money laundering. money.

The decision of the three-member Athens Criminal Appeal Court was taken by majority in July 2020.

At the time, the Supreme Court prosecutor, Vassilis Pliotas, requested that the court decision be transmitted to him in order to study and judge whether the reason for the acquittal is fully and legally correct.

However, after the end of the criminal charges for infidelity and money laundering, the trial for the Postal Savings Bank loans continued on the last remaining charge, that of fraud.

In September 2020, the court also acquitted the 5 remaining defendants in this category. According to the acquittal proposal of the headquarters prosecutor, no fraud occurred against the State for loans from the Postal Savings Bank.

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