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Bay State Savings Bank Detains CEO Soak

Local business owners and CEOs dabble in raising awareness of ALS. The Bay State Savings Bank hosted the “CEO Soak” Ice Bucket Challenge on Friday, featuring CEO Peter Alden and eight other business leaders.

The goal is to raise funds for the Massachusetts Chapter of the ALS Association.

Over the past two years, they have raised over $15,000.

Alden said ALS has affected many Bay State employees and families.

“As you get exposed to it and hear about how difficult a disease it is and things like that, you want to help and when it hits home, you want to help,” Alden said. “The ALS Massachusetts Chapter does a great job not just with the individual but with the family and all the support.”

“We are eight years away from the Ice Bucket Challenge, we are seeing the results of the investments in research,” said John Hedstrom, territory manager for ALS New England. “We, as an association, have invested over $100,000,000 since then, just in research. We provide care services, equipment, education, whatever, at no cost. Everything the money we raise today, we take it and pour it over to invest in our territory in New England.”

ALS New England plans to be the leader in providing care services to more than 1,200 families in the region.

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