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Carver Federal Savings Bank and Touro Graduate School of Business Announce Innovative Scholarship Program

The program aims to provide a pathway for substantial personal growth and development for Carver employees and a pathway to expand the pool of African American and Latin American management talent in the New York tri-state region.

This new affiliation between the historic Harlem-based Carver and the graduate business school focused on students at Touro represents a vital alliance between the professional and academic world right here in the financial capital of the world, New York City,” noted Kenneth J. Knuckles, Esq., Vice-president of the New Town Planning Commission and Vice President of Carver. “It is a further sign that New York is back and open for business. I applaud the two institutions for creating this partnership which will further develop the talents of minority businesses. “

Employees can choose from a range of programs at Touro GSB, including an MBA in 7 different focus areas, a master’s in accounting, a master’s in international business finance, a master’s in healthcare management, a master’s in management Human Resources and Advanced Certificates in Real Estate Entrepreneurship, Health Management and Human Resource Management.

Dr. Mary Louise Lo Re, the dean of the Touro Graduate School of Business of New York City, noted, “This collaboration offers Carver employees the opportunity to cultivate the real-life skills needed to advance their careers and further the Bank’s mission without compromising their day-to-day job responsibilities by having to enroll in a program. Comprehensive Graduate Business Program.The Touro GSB aims to make quality business education affordable and accessible to professionals who lead busy lives. Touro, our faculty and student body, thank you Michael T. Pugh and Carver for their friendship. “

“Our partnership with the Touro Graduate School of Business provides Carver with a powerful tool to help recruit and retain the best banking and managerial talents who are committed to deepening their financial knowledge and management prowess through higher education”, said Michael T. Pugh, President and CEO of Carver. “Carver pursues its mission by facilitating financial education, community engagement and by reinvesting approximately $ 0.80 of every dollar deposited in the various neighborhoods in which it operates. On behalf of Carver, I would like to express my thanks to the Touro Graduate School of Business for helping us continue our mission. We look forward to working with Dean lo re and Touro’s talented teachers to provide a rewarding experience and enhanced career opportunities to our employees. “

Dr Lo Re concluded: “We plan to develop our partnership with Carver over the next few semesters and look forward to the significant contributions that Bank employees will make to our university and to society at large as they embark on their graduate studies in business. with our esteemed teacher. “

About Carver Bancorp, Inc.
Carver Bancorp, Inc. (NASDAQ: CARV) is the holding company of Carver Federal Savings Bank, a federally chartered stock savings bank. Based in Harlem, NY, Carver was founded in 1948 to serve African American communities whose residents, businesses, and institutions had limited access to traditional financial services. The US Treasury Department has designated Carver as a Community Development Financial Institution (“CDFI”) because of its community-based banking services and dedication to the economic viability and revitalization of its local community. Carver is one of the largest banks operated by African Americans and the Caribbean United States. The bank recently expanded its online presence to include checking and consumer savings accounts in nine states, from Massachusetts at Virginia, and Washington DC For more information, please visit the Company’s website at Make sure to connect with Carver on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Touro Graduate School of Business
The Touro Graduate School of Business focuses on the future of its students and the future of the business. GSB’s academic programs integrate both theory and real-world application, fostering entrepreneurship and ambition while continuing to develop and adjust various programs as the business world changes. For more information, visit Make sure to connect with the organization on Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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