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City Savings Bank strengthens value formation in times of pandemic

CITY Savings Bank Inc. (CitySavings) aims to help revitalize character-building and values-building programs in schools with the launch of its national economic development and values-building webinar series.

The program is designed to guide Department of Education (DepEd) public schools in reviving character education programs with a focus on values ​​and virtues that could contribute to economic recovery.

The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation globally, but it has also posed challenges, in particular, in the contactless physical interaction between teachers and students. To cope with changing educational needs, teachers have moved beyond the usual learning and teaching modalities which have also affected the way in which values ​​or character building are incorporated into the curriculum.

CitySavings has partnered with the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P), a leading institution of higher learning in the Philippines with pioneering programs for educators in values ​​formation, for teacher training.

“Contactless Teaching”

During a webinar, Dr. Bernardo M. Villegas, a prominent economist and one of the initiators of values ​​education courses, highlighted the common notion that contactless teaching erodes the quality of relationships. human.

“There needs to be a way to ensure that as we move into a more digitalized world, we don’t lose the distinct Filipino advantage, not just for its value to the employability of our workforce here and abroad, but also primarily to retain the social virtues for us to be above any measure of gross national happiness,” Villegas said.

A total of 450 principals, vice-principals, guidance counselors and educators from Luzon regions participated in a recent three-day webinar, which also focused on the important roles of school authorities in involving parents in the task of formation of values ​​and virtues.

“School administrators and teachers are an essential element in shaping the character of our students. We have the primary task of equipping ourselves with the proper tools to provide our students with lifelong skills with a moral dimension for international competitiveness,” said Dr. Arnulfo M. Balane, Deputy Regional Director of DepEd National Capital Region.

Dr. Antonio N. Torralba, an experienced educator in basic education, helped DepEd participants energize the campaign of #Wagi (Wastong Asal in Gawi, Isabuhay) which focuses on the long and delicate process of “pagsasabuhay ” (live) “wastong asal” (righteous behavior) and “gawi” (human virtues).

“Manners (Wastong Asal) + good conduct (Gawi) are the essence of values ​​education. More than a topic, it’s a way of life,” said Torralba, who also moderated a forum with students and young professionals from public schools, providing school leaders with perspective on the four areas of conversation. : what makes good schools, good directors, good teachers and good students.


“It was a brainstorming session where learners’ voices were heard on ideas and suggestions on issues of concern. I was able to draw the conclusion that in formulating programs/activities, to take into account the values ​​of the learners, it should correspond to their values ​​and their interest to guide them in making sound decisions”, shared Cynthia Marca, guidance counselor at Muntinlupa National Secondary School.

CitySavings said it is optimistic that school leaders will effectively lead a character education program for their schools.

“I’m confident that the key learnings you learned from this webinar, along with the valuable insights from Dr. Bernie’s Book of Virtues and Values, will help you think through your school’s character education program and move through a decision-making process that will combine values ​​into the curriculum for a stronger and better school community,” said Lorenzo T. Ocampo, president and CEO of CitySavings.

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