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Dubai: Over 25,000 expatriate employees sign up for government savings scheme – News

Registration will be done in phases, starting July 1


Published: Mon 27 Jun 2022, 11:40 AM

Last update: Mon Jun 27 2022, 4:15 PM

More than 1,500 employers and 25,000 employees have signed up for the Dubai government’s DEWS program, a senior official said.

The program was conceptualized after the Dubai International Financial Center (DEWS) Employee Workplace Savings Plan and employee enrollment will be in phases, starting July 1, 2022.

Launched in March 2022, the program targets expatriates in Dubai government entities initially, with the possibility of expanding its implementation in later stages. It aims to attract and retain talent by offering an integrated system that offers various savings opportunities.

Jacques Visser, Legal Director of DIFC Authority, said employees are incredibly engaged with the plan, as more than 90% of members are actively interested in logging into the DEWS portal/mobile app and benefit from the visibility and control that the plan offers in relation to end-of-service benefits.

A Zurich Workplace Solutions – 2021 survey found that 75% of employees felt that DEWS had a positive or very positive impact on the transparency of their severance benefits, and 80% of employees felt that DEWS had had an impact positive or very positive. impact on the protection of their end-of-service benefits.


Global professional services provider Equiom will act as the plan’s lead trustee and independent legal owner of employer contributions, while Zurich Workplace Solutions will support employers and employees in the administration and management of the plan. Investment services provider Mercer will provide investment advice to the lead trustee of the plan.

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