Savings scheme

House urges Hajj commission to suspend implementation of savings plan

Juliette Akoje in Abuja

The House of Representatives has urged the Nigerian Hajj Commission to suspend the implementation of the Hajj savings scheme pending investigation into the scheme.

The House has also instructed its Pilgrims Affairs Committee to investigate the scheme to determine the profit sharing formula for stakeholders, Jaiz Plc, NAHCON, State Pilgrims Welfare Boards and other stakeholders.

These resolutions followed the passing of a motion on the need to investigate the savings plan and temporarily suspend its implementation Hon. Aminu Ashiru-Mani during yesterday’s plenary.

Ashiru-Mani noted that the program was established by Section 7 of the Hajj Commission to allow prospective pilgrims to save for fulfilling one of the pillars of Islam.

He disclosed that “The Hajj Programme, Jaiz Bank Plc and Nahcon signed a savings program agreement in September 2020 to facilitate the progressive planning and savings of future pilgrims in partnership with Jaiz Bank providing a long platform savings for people who plan to go for hajj.

“The saver, Jaiz Bank Plc, NAHCON and State Pilgrims Welfare Boards (SPWB) in less than two years since the launch of the hajj savings board by Jaiz Bank reached a customer base of over 4000 with savings of 1 billion naira in the account.

He expressed concern about the lack of transparency in the Hajj savings system which could lead to corruption in the system.

The House, however, has instructed its Hajj Affairs Committee to review the entire Hajj Savings Scheme agreement with NAHCON, JAIZ Bank Pl to ensure transparency and accountability and report in both weeks for new legislation.

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