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Lincoln Federal Savings Bank puts customers and homebuyers first with their needs |

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Lincoln Federal Savings Bank is a company that puts people and positive experiences first. This can be seen in the way the company treats its customers and employees. As soon as a customer walks into the bank, Yeny Martinez said the team makes sure to prioritize them.

“They’re not rushing,” the Fremont branch supervisor said. “And we listen, we listen to their needs and provide what they ask for.”

With 30 years in the Fremont community and more than a century in Nebraska, Lincoln Federal Savings Bank at 415 E. Sixth St. offers a variety of banking services in 13 locations across the state.

Lincoln Federal Savings Bank was originally founded as Lincoln Savings and Loan Association in 1906. The bank was later renamed Lincoln Federal Savings and Loan Association in 1937. It expanded significantly in the mid-1970s into communities such as North Platte, McCook and Hastings.

In 1990, the Bank became a savings bank charter renamed Lincoln Federal Savings Bank, and two years later opened a location in Fremont.

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“This year will mark their 30th anniversary,” said Vice President of Administration Shelly Simonson. “It’s exciting for them. We’re planning a summer party for their customers, inviting them to come visit us.”

Over the past few years, the Bank has realized the effect technology has had on the industry. Through this achievement, the Bank has transformed itself to make its banking services even more accessible and desirable for the customer.

“I think the Bank has adapted well to change over the years,” said Marketing Coordinator Alyssa Rhoades. “We’re really good at looking at ourselves and then looking to the community to determine what products and services should be implemented to better serve the region.”

These changes include innovative new accounts, the ability to add their debit card to your mobile wallet, online banking and more!

“There really is something for everyone,” adds Customer Service Supervisor Yeny Martinez, “We offer easy-to-use accounts with low fees, great rates and, of course, personalized service. »

“Since I’ve been here, there have been a lot of internal technology improvements that really increase our ability to communicate, especially with COVID,” said Dave Arkfeld, head of mortgages.

As the Bank is owned by depositors and not by outside shareholders, it is able to offer its clients very competitive rates on both deposits and loans. “We offer both mortgage and deposit services,” said Vice President of Administration Shelly Simonson. “We also have commercial real estate loans, housing loans and construction loans.”

Working in the mortgage industry, Mary Byrnes said she has clients in Fremont who were affected by the spring 2019 flooding and still have homes they cannot move from in the flooded areas. “Lincoln Federal will literally think outside the box when we have a customer who has a unique situation,” she said.

Byrnes added that Lincoln Federal Savings Bank is a great lending partner for first-time home buyers, new builds and renovations.

Additionally, Martinez is fluent in Spanish, allowing him to break down the language barrier to better assist Spanish-speaking clients on their homeownership journey or even on a day-to-day basis with their general banking needs.

Like the Bank’s customers, employees are welcomed with a family spirit. Having worked for large corporations, Martinez said she appreciates the family and caring feeling at Lincoln Federal.

“The company cares about its employees and listens to them,” she said. “I know I will be heard if I say something or if I need something. There’s a great sense of unity here.”

Managing day-to-day business at the Fremont site, Martinez said she strives to offer customer service and provide one-on-one interactions, treating them as she would a family member.

“Our customers have been with us for a very long time and I think they are very grateful to see the same faces,” she said. “We love helping our community.” FDIC member. Equal Housing Lender.

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