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Monadnock Ledger-Transcript – Walpole Savings Bank plans to move to Rindge

Monadnock Ledger – Transcript

Published: 06/30/2022 10:39:46

Walpole’s Savings Bank plans to open a new branch in Rindge, in the former GFA Federal Credit Union, in January.

The bank has filed applications with the FDIC and the New Hampshire Banking Department to open a new branch at 31 Sonja Drive, its seventh in the Monadnock area and the second new branch in the past year.

Mark Bodin, president of the Walpole Savings Bank, said the company has always focused on the southern New Hampshire region and has always had an emphasis on the community.

“We didn’t just become a new local bank; we look at how we are part of the community,” Bodin said.

Walpole Savings Bank has offices in Walpole and Keene and opened a new branch in Winchester in November. According to Senior Vice President of Retail Administration Dominic Perkins, the Rindge branch will be a full-service branch, with the same services as the Keene, Walpole and Winchester locations.

“There are downsides to being a single-market business, but there are upsides as well,” Bodin said. “We care about the region. As we see other banks consolidating and closing, we see opportunities. Throughout the pandemic, we increasingly see that “local” matters to people more than ever. People are more interested in investing in a bank knowing that their money will be reinvested in their own community and local businesses.

“Savings Bank of Walpole has been supporting the local communities we serve for almost 150 years, and we are delighted to open a new branch in Rindge to extend our support to the Monadnock area,” said the Senior Vice President of Lending commercial Ben Wheeler. of Jaffrey, in a Walpole Savings Bank statement. “I look forward to working with local businesses and being a great community neighbor.”

The bank plans to offer a mortgage loan officer in the Rindge branch, as well as access to wealth management services.

“We think it’s a big advantage to have someone in the local branch, who knows the area,” Bodin said of having a mortgage loan officer on site. “Our decision-making processes for loans don’t go anywhere else; they are made locally. We love that all the decisions are made right here.

Bodin said the bank is in the FDIC filing period and beginning June 30, the public has 15 days to comment on the potential new bank. He expects that by the end of July, Walpole Savings Bank will have the necessary approvals to move forward and begin interior renovations to the former GFA, including a community room which will be available for small groups. from the community.

Bodin said the bank is expected to open to the public sometime in January, although that timing may be affected by ongoing supply chain issues affecting businesses at all levels.

“Everything is so slow right now, the reality is, who knows, but we think it’s conservative,” Bodin said.

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