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Shenzhou Jinfuyun partners with China Postal Savings Bank to help real economy

Yesterday 16:16 (GMT+8)

Recently, China Information, China Postal Savings Bank and China Digital Group joined together to explore and innovate based on the supply chain industry scenario, and launched the platform of “Shenzhou jinfuyun” industrial financing SaaS services. Driven by the application of digital technology, promote the precise connection between the industrial chain and the capital chain, that is, the two ends of financial supply and demand, release the “owner of the chain” of leading enterprises, help finance quickly meet the financing needs of grassroots enterprises and support the industrial chain, accurately solve the capital problems of small, medium and micro enterprises of production and operation , and contribute to the high-quality development of the real economy. “Shenzhou jinfuyun” realizes the multidirectional empowerment of fixed assets through the integration of three advantages of “science and technology + industry + finance”. As a leading digital transformation partner in China, Digital China has built a strong B-marketing network and accumulated rich experience in building, managing and serving ecosystems. In the process of deepening China’s informatization for 20 years, Digital China has always actively practiced its social responsibility and at the same time built a partner’s credit and financial service evaluation system. With Digital China’s unique China Trade Bridge platform, the efficiency and convenience of lending can be greatly improved. At the same time, based on the partner credit data accumulated by Digital China over the past 20 years as the basic evaluation basis, it provides convenient and powerful data services for enterprise credit operation. , the culture of qualifications and risk assessment, achieves scenario financial innovation through cooperation, and provides targeted, characteristic and practical financial services by building business and risk control models according to the local conditions, Improving coverage of financial services and driving digital transformation.

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