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The name bond, the green bond: how a new savings plan can make your money more sustainable | Build green habits

Earlier this year, a deloitte report found that the pandemic had boosted our ecological awareness, with 85% of people adopting at least one lifestyle change to be more sustainable last year.

We are probably all familiar enough with measures like reducing plastic waste, but did you know that one of the other steps you can take to help protect the environment is to put your money somewhere where it can make a difference? ? You can do this by investing in an environmentally managed fund or by buying stocks in companies with strong sustainability credentials. A new and easy way to make sure your finances are having a positive impact on the planet is to invest in NS&I Green Savings Bonds.

But what is it exactly?
Available to savers aged 16 and over, Green Savings Bonds offer the opportunity to contribute to the UK’s Green Agenda and support a number of key areas to help the country meet its goal of zero. net by 2050. When you buy Green Savings Bonds, your money will be held for a fixed term of three years, at a fixed rate, which means it is only suitable for those who will not have need to have access to their money for the duration of the term. In any case, don’t worry about having to invest colossal sums; you can start building a greener financial future by setting aside a minimum of £ 100, and you can invest up to £ 100,000.

Green Savings Bonds are ideal for those looking to make sustainable, environmentally friendly changes to their lifestyle. Photography: pixdeluxe / Getty Images

Make your money work harder
One of the advantages of Green Savings Bonds is that you are guaranteed a fixed interest rate of 0.65% gross / AER pa *. Interest is earned daily and added annually on the anniversary date of the investment, and paid at maturity.

Improve your green credentials simply by investing
When you invest in Green Savings Bonds, you are not only making a stimulating financial decision, but you are also helping the planet. You may have already thought about how to make more sustainable financial choices – well, Green Savings Bonds automatically do this for you as your money will fund projects designed to help the UK meet its net goal. zero 2050, such as decarbonization of hospitals and schools, forests, planting and construction of flood defenses. You are sure to know that your Green Savings Bonds will build a greener, cleaner future.

It’s a safe place to be
Your money is in good hands here. As they are backed by HM Treasury, NS&I guarantees that 100% of your savings, no matter how much you invest, will be covered. Guarantees like this are a natural part of its heritage: NS&I has been helping people save for 160 years.

Still not sure?
The good news is that there is a cooling off period during the first 30 days of investing. So, no pressure if you have to cancel and start your savings journey again.

How to start your green savings journey
You can buy Green Savings Bonds online through the NS&I Website

* Gross definitions / AER

1 AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and allows you to compare the interest rates of different financial institutions and different products on a comparable basis.

It shows what the theoretical annual rate would be if interest were compounded each time it was credited or paid. When interest is credited once a year, the quoted rate and the AER will be the same.

2 Gross is the taxable interest rate without UK deduction Income tax

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