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UBA Bank customers get mobile banking and savings with Airtel Money

Airtel has partnered with United Bank of Africa (UBA Bank) to provide mobile financial services to Kenyans.

The partnership will allow Airtel and UBA to provide a virtual savings account dubbed Akiba Mkononi to all Airtel customers as well as mobile banking services to Airtel Money users as the two companies seek to expand their range of financial services. innovations to Kenyans.

Kenyans are now able to open and operate a savings account with UBA bank from the comfort of their Airtel Kenya mobile phones. Akiba Mkononi will save customers money by transferring funds from their Airtel Money wallets to their virtual savings account at UBA Kenya, which will generate affordable interest rates of up to 7% per annum.

The Akiba Mkononi product allows customers to save between Ksh5 and Ksh140,000 per day on UBA bank from their Airtel Money accounts. Just dial * 368 # from their Airtel numbers to start saving money today.

The two companies have also teamed up to offer mobile banking services that will allow UBA customers who are also Airtel Money users to enjoy real-time services such as transferring funds from their UBA bank account to their Airtel money account. and vice versa, to make quick airtime purchases. , view account statements / account balance request and more.

In addition, UBA and Airtel Kenya have also announced that they will jointly launch new mobile financial products and services with the aim of bringing more convenience to more Kenyans. This includes the Airtel Money PESA Card, a UBA Bank debit-VISA card that will allow Airtel Money users to withdraw money from their Airtel Money accounts from over two million Visa and Kenswitch ATMs in the world, to buy and pay for goods and services using Airtel Money at tens of millions of Visa accepting merchants around the world.

Airtel Kenya CEO Adil El Youssefi said; “We are delighted that this mobile banking partnership with UBA Bank provides the desired convenience to further deepen the adoption of financial products and services among Kenyans. Customers who purchase this product will also enjoy the convenience of using the Airtel Money PESA card which continues to enhance their experience and convenience on Airtel Money and ensure their added value.

Isaac Mwige, Managing Director and CEO of UBA Kenya Bank Ltd, said: “UBA is always at the forefront of using a mobile platform to deliver ubiquitous financial services. The world is constantly on the move. evolution and the bank must evolve with it. convenient access to our money wherever we are and as such we must innovate beyond the notion of branches and traditional banking practices. Our partnership with Airtel to launch the services Akiba Mkononi and Mobile Banking is the first step on this path to provide Kenyans with a rich bouquet of mobile banking services.

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