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Walden Savings Bank celebrates 150 years in business

MONTGOMERY – Walden Savings Bank is celebrating its 150th anniversary.

The bank’s newly elected Chairman of the Board, Marty Sassi, along with President and CEO Derrek Wynkoop, emphasized that the celebration is not of themselves, but rather of the community and the staff who have supported the institution over the years.

“We looked at our history yesterday. Today we look at our future and the future of bank branches.” John Corolla, who coordinated new physical and digital upgrades at the Montgomery branch over a nine-month period , noted that Walden Savings Bank had an office for 101 years, and now has 11 plus their main office in Walden.

The technology upgrades, Corolla said, are the first of their kind in our region and sport a kind of virtual “augmented reality” of in-branch banking that not only improves the technical process, but creates a new kind of community connection with its customers, offering things like guiding them through creating a budget, and even sneaking in some “fun” for the user with special coins to collect and Scratches that offer a daily prize.

Staff are available to help hesitant online interactive users.

Orange County Chamber of Commerce President Heather Bell-Mayer joined the bank team in cutting a bright orange ribbon for the ceremony.

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