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Walden Savings Bank Unveils New Walden Savings Bank Technology

MONTGOMERY – Walden Savings Bank celebrated 150 years in business last week with two events. The former honored its history and legacy, while the latter introduced the next generation of digital banking.

On Monday, April 25, an impressive crowd of community leaders, elected officials, members of the business community and bank executives were on hand for the unveiling of Walden Savings Bank’s restored chiming clock. The iconic clock has been restored to its former glory to commemorate the bank’s 150th anniversary.

Subsequently, on Tuesday, April 26, Walden Savings Bank kicked off the digital transformation of the Scott’s Corners Headquarters Branch at a formal groundbreaking ceremony in partnership with the Orange County Chamber of Commerce.

“Our 150th anniversary is all about our service to our community, our customers, and the mutual trust and respect that underpins everything we do,” said President and CEO Derrik Wynkoop. “While we look back with fondness and graciously thank our community, we are also constantly seeking new and exciting ways to serve our customers. As our digital transformation demonstrates, we will continue to invest in the future and ensure that the personalized service and experience of our customers is exceptional every day.”

Guests at the blender and the bank’s 150th anniversary ribbon-cutting ceremony were treated to free food, gifts and drinks, with representatives from Angry Orchard and Whitecliff Vineyard & Winery on hand.

Attendees also got a first-hand look at the newly transformed branch of Scott’s Corners Headquarters, which features many innovations, including:

* A digital discovery center to help customers perform banking tasks efficiently and learn about and access the latest banking technology from Walden Savings Bank.

* An immersive augmented reality experience to learn more about the bank’s products and services via mobile devices – an industry innovation and a first in the region.

* Digital screens throughout the branch highlight banking products and services, financial education tips, community events, and Walden Savings Bank news and information.

* The addition of the “WSB Café”, a self-service coffee bar for customers and guests.

* A state-of-the-art ATM offering the ability to handle check and bulk cash deposits for individuals and businesses.

* Redesigned cashier modules for a more engaging experience between customers and Walden Savings Bank team members.

* A high-tech conference room with video conferencing capabilities for client meetings.

Branch visitors are greeted by a “digital banking specialist” who provides customers with concierge access to Walden Savings Bank’s digital banking solutions.
Construction of the redesigned branch was carried out by the Storm King Group of Montgomery, NY.

The interior of the new branch features several murals depicting local landmarks, including Winding Hills Park, the Orange County Arboretum, the Montgomery Water Tower, and the Conservation Advisory Council (CAC) Community Gardens. ) at Benedict Farm Park.
To mark the special occasion of the grand opening, the Friends of the Orange County Arboretum and the Montgomery Fire Department were on hand and received donations of $500 to each of their organizations.

Walden Savings Bank plans to celebrate its 150th anniversary in business with additional events throughout the year.

Heather Bell-Meyer, president and CEO of the Orange County Chamber of Commerce, praised Walden Savings Bank. “Congratulations to Walden Savings Bank on its 150th anniversary,” she said. “The Orange County Chamber of Commerce is a proud customer of Walden Savings Bank, and we are very pleased to have Walden Savings Bank as a chamber partner. We are delighted to partner with Walden Savings Bank on their 150th anniversary and mix. I am also pleased to announce that the Chamber of Commerce and Walden Savings Bank will be co-sponsoring the new “Orange County Chamber of Commerce Small Business Spotlight…This exciting new membership program will feature small businesses across Orange County and embodies Walden Savings Bank’s dedication to growing communities and small businesses.

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